Sunday, 13 July 2008

'Instinct for detail is spot on'

'Anyone harbouring romantic notions of the Orient and contemplating a visit to China would do well to read Gary Finnegan’s debut title.
He’s at his best when he tackles the serious stuff...On the lighter side, his instinct for the kind of detail that puts the reader right in the picture is spot on'
- Sunday Business Post

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

'China comes alive in the pages of Finnegan's book'

'China and the Chinese people have come alive in the pages of Gary Finnegan's book, the real China and its people rather than the view the world will almost certainly be offered at this year's Olympics....
While writing in an overall light-hearted tone, Finnegan does go below the surface of problems.'
- The Irish Emigrant

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

'Wry humour, sharp-witted analysis'

'A blend of wry humour, sharp-witted analysis and regular travelogue'

- The Sunday Times

(See full interview, Culture section, June 29, pages 8 & 9)

'Witty and entertaining'

'With impeccable timing, Gary Finnegan's lively account of his time in Beijing [is a] witty and entertaining read....The style of Beijing for Beginners is conversational and often irreverent, even when we are taken at break-neck speed through chunks of Chinese history.

'Gary Finnegan's achievement is that, in his own journey into the heart of China, he has drawn us - the readers - into that quest on a journey that is as entertaining as it is informative'
- Verbal Magazine